Eva began gravitating towards photography through the success of her blog, Eva & Amelia's World, which was listed as one of the Top 10 UK Blogs for 2017 by Vuelio. This exposure highlighted her inherent ability to create content that was both exciting and unique.

A personal flair and style quickly became synonymous with her work.  And earlier this year, she finally took the plunge to dedicate herself completely to content creation and photography, a passionate refocus away from her career in economics. 

It is Eva’s passion for product photography that speaks through her work; she carefully creates images that resonate with both the subject and in the viewer. 

Eva is self taught, and has applied the discipline and logic of her economics background to her growth in photography. She is reflective in her work, studying her own photographs in order to identify areas of improvement. This method has allowed Eva to create a unique style, born from her self led approach. 

Her customers come first. She wants to make their busy lives easier, not harder, by working with them professionally and efficiently to a satisfied end. She takes the time to understand their brand ethos and vision. Equipped with this insight, Eva then curates, designs and sources on behalf of her clients; keeping them fully informed throughout the process. Eva’s professionalism has seen her client list grow rapidly, as well as a number of loyal return customers. 

Eva is based in Knightsbridge, however her exposure is growing through the UK. Her work has already featured in British Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar among many other publications. Her work has been used on posters and marketing materials for numerous brands. In the UK alone, Eva’s photography can be seen on many websites and social channels.